Catalogue Silencers USD


Deflection sound absorber with acoustically and flow optimised splitters
Galvanised steel sheet outer housing
Splitters with high-strength, wearresistant and moisture repellent glass silk surface with absorption and resonance elements for optimal sound damping
Connecting stubs with double lip sealing for plug-in fitting
Version USD-R with screwed inspection cover for easy cleaning purposes
HYGIENE-CERTIFIED BY THE RUHR DISTRICT INSTITUTE OF HYGIENE: The construction design complies with hygiene requirements as stipulated in the guidelines contained in VDI 6022 (Blatt 1 07/2011), SWKI VA104-01 (04/2006), DIN 1946-4 (12/2008), ÖNORM H 6021 (09/2003), ÖNORM H 6020 (03/2015) and ÖNORM H 6038 (02/2014), and is in accordance with performed expert appraisals on hygiene.